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22/06/2024 03:57
Frequently asked questions about InfoLocal
For Advertisers
It depends on a number of variable such as where you chosen screen is located, but prices start at just £15 per week!
It depends on which screen you've chosen to advertise on, but it will be a minimum of 46".
Yes, anyone can advertise!
Choose your location, type in the text of your advert, and pay. It's that easy!
No, you don't. But if you do have a logo you'd like included in a template, we can add it for you. Contact us for more details!
Yes, you can log into your account and change your text whenever you want! In fact, why not change the text on your advert to introduce new deals or offers on a regular basis?
Your advert will run in a ten second slot at least four times an hour.
Most locations have different pricing options, these will have a minimum duration between 1 and 12 months. Usually, better pricing is available for longer term commitments.
If you book enough advertising slots, yes!
The very first step of the advert making process is choosing your location. A brief description will tell you exactly where you advert will appear.
Your advert will be shown on a continous loop with all the other adverts for that screen, and as such there will be no set time for you advert to be on screen.
Yes! You can advertise in as many locations as your marketing budget allows!
All you need to know is how to type! Just add the words for your advert into the template, there's no tricky IT involved.
If another advertiser with a similar product or service chooses to advertise on the same screen as you, then yes.
Give us a call!
You we be billed automatically for each months advertising before the advertising starts for that month.
Yes! If by any chance there's a product or service that isn't catered for within our huge range of professionally designed templates, get in touch and we'll put something together for you. Of course, for an additional cost, we also provide a bespoke design service.
You can cancel your advert before it goes live on your chosen screen.
About Infolocal
InfoLocal is a trading division of:

Procyon Limited
Victory House,
400 Pavilion Drive,
Northampton Business Park,
Northampton, NN4 7PA
United Kingdom

Company #: 2728992
Tel: 08009993700

Logging on and changing the wording of my ad is simple!
Your question not answered?
Get in touch with our customer advisors, and we'll help you find out what you need to know!

InfoLocal tips
Make sure your advert has contact details! Include a phone number and website address if you have one.
Why not update the offers in your advert regularly to keep it fresh and relevant?
Use upper case type sparingly. If your whole advert is in capitals, it makes it hard to read!
Remember to check your advert for spelling errors!
Follow us on twitter @InfoLocalUK to keep up to date with our latest news!
When searching for the right template to use, have a look around all the categories!
If you're having problems, check out the FAQ section. If that doesn't have the answer you're looking for, get in touch!

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